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Tender Common Template Details
TenderNo: 3553 Tender Ref. Date: 17-11-2020
Tender Ref. No: LPSC/LVF/2020E0483601
Template Desc : PT Two Part - Instruction to Tenderers
Sr No Description Value
1. This requirement can be quoted only through online e-procurement mode using ISRO portal No manual tender will be considered.
2. The vendors have to get themselves registered in above site to download the tender details. To register in above ISRO portal( the vendors need to have digital certificate The digital certificate can be obtained from any digital certifying authority like M/s (n)Code solutions; M/s Tata Consultancy Ltd., M/s. Satyam Information System etc.
3. The parties are advised to download the tender and submit the bid on online at least two days prior to Tender Closing Date to avoid last minute network problem. The due date shall not be extended due to network or computer related problems.
5. This being a two part tender“ Technical & Commercial Part and Price Part separately, the tenders should not attach any documents containing Pricing information along with Technical & Commercial Bid. Normally we do not open PART-II (Commercial Offer), if PART-I (Technical Offer) does not meet with our technical specification requirements.
6. Our Tender Enquiry contains technical requirements and specification. The detailed technical specification of your offer should be covered in the technical part. The Technical documents need to be attached online as a single PDF file without any prior information. The tenders attachment containing Price details will be treated as unsolicited offers and rejected.
7. The quote should indicate quantity wise unit rate separately which have to be filled online. The Prices are to be mentioned both in figures as well as in words. The taxes, duties etc. are to be calculated and Indicated in the column provided in online forms explicitly.
8. Bidders are expected to comply with the technical & commercial and other terms and conditions given in vendor specified terms of this tender. In case of any deviation, the reasons thereof should be clearly specified in the vendor specified terms column.
9. The vendors have to compulsorily submit the compliance statement online otherwise their offer will not be considered for further evaluation. Before entering the compliance statement, vendors are advised to refer the detailed specification provided in the Technical Writeup/ Drawings document. The specification offered by the vendors may also be indicated in the compliance statement wherever necessary.
10. The Technical Specification / Drawing / Product Catalogues / Works carried by vendor / Make offered etc. as a single PDF file without any financial details has to uploaded online mode by the vendor. This being TWO PART TENDER the PDF document uploaded should not contain any commercial/pricing details. If the attached PDF contains any pricing detail the offer will be treated as unsolicited and will be summarily rejected.
11. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or their representative can submit bid to LPSC. Indian agents while quoting on behalf of their principals are requested to attach necessary authorization letter from their Principals in their bid.
12. Instructions on Indian Agent (if any):- Bidders are required to provide the following information in respect of their authorised Indan Agent, if any, alongwith technical bid as the same is mandatory as is required for consideration of the bid. Name, Address, Telephone no. , fax no., email of the Indian Agent including the contact person.
13. A letter from the OEM in the current date certifying that the said Indian Agent is their authorised Indian Agent and also indicating the responsibilities/role of the Indian Agent under the proposed purchase. Renumeration/service charges payable to the Indian Agent under the proposed purchase.
14. The offer should be valid for a minimum period of 120 days from the due date.
15. Bids will not be entertained after the due date and time.
16. The vendors who have submitted the bids before the closing have to give Open Authorization as per schedule after the tender closing date.
17. The vendors may contact 080-67807786 for any technical assistance in vendor registration and bid submission.
18. Once the offer is submitted in on line mode by the vendor and Bid Sealing is done by LPSC, vendor will not be able to provide revised offer.
19. Request for the extension of the due date will not be considered.
20. The exact date and time of opening of price bid of successful tenderers will be intimated later.
21. Tender which are not prepared in terms of these instructions are liable to be rejected.
22. Based on the response to the e-Public Tender Notice, LPSC reserves theright to change any milestone date of the tendering activity.
23. LPSC reserves the right to verify all claims made by the bidder.
24. Tender Opening : The Technical and Commercial Bid [Part-I] will be opened on the specified day mentioned in the schedule and incase any further clarification/ discussion are required, such clarification/discussion shall be called for before opening the Price Bid.
25. Tenderers can participate in the said tender opening on for which, the representative of the firm shall be duly authorized by Competent Authority. Against proper authorization only such representatives shall be allowed to attend the tender opening.
26. LPSC, Valiamala, Thiruvananthapuram reserves the right to accept or reject any/or all the tenders in part or full without assigning any reasons thereof.
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